Events & Congress in Canavese
Tecnichal equipments on site:
  • 2 ceiling projectors with 3200 ansilumen (Hitachi X444)
  • Main screen, motorized , at the stage, of 400 x 300 cm
  • Second screen, motorized, at mid room, of 250 x 200 cm
  • Motorized ceiling camera with remote control H/V (Canon) for pointing on stage or podium
  • Monitor on the speakers' table
  • DVD recorder with  integrated HD, recording up to 260 consecutive hours (Sony)
  • DVD/CD reader (Philips)
  • Table Microphones at the speakers' table and podium
  • Portable microphone (Sennheiser)
  • Double amplifier with 10-channel audio mixer
  • Sound system through 6 two-way coaxial speakers of 500 watts
  • Touch screen “Crestron” for remote control of audio, video and pan-tilt of videocamera.
Wi-Fi internet (power to be tested as required)
GSM coverage obscured on demand